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JT Lawrence

Why You Were Taken: A Futuristic Conspiracy Thriller (audiobook)

Why You Were Taken: A Futuristic Conspiracy Thriller (audiobook)

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It'll take more than a lie to keep Kirsten safe.

A creative assassin.

A hit list hidden in a Doomsday seed vault.

A woman with an unusual gift who has to untangle the conspiracy … before it kills her.

When Kirsten digs into her mother’s past, she discovers a shocking betrayal that derails her life. Will she uncover the mystery before the hitman finds her?

Why You Were Taken is the first book in the When Tomorrow Calls series, a futuristic conspiracy thriller with a high-tech twist you won’t see coming.

If you like Christina Dalcher (Vox), Josh Malerman (Bird Box) and Justin Cronin (The Passage), you’ll love a series that brings together all their best features in an electrifying thriller by USA Today best-selling author JT Lawrence.

"An edgy, intelligent sci-fi thriller that is full of heart.” PAUL ANLEE

★★★★★ “One of the best pieces of sci-fi I’ve read this year.” YUDHA WIJERATNE

★★★★★ “A far out, near future, cyberpunk, Gibsonesque, instant classic sci-fi thriller. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the movie.”

Buy this flat-out addictive cyberpunk sci-fi thriller today!

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