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USA Today Bestselling author of 28 books and counting, JT Lawrence has the knack of writing the kind of stories that keep you up all night. 

Apart from impressive book sales, Lawrence boasts over 30 million pages read and being awarded the Kindle All Star Bonus by Amazon.

    Amazon best seller, USA Today Bestseliing Author, Kindle Unlimited All Star


Lawrence lit up a new indie author space in the usually trad-dominated South African literary festival talks, and her early paperbacks took pride of place in the city's top bookstore chain's display windows.

None of this seems to matter to Lawrence as much as her current writing, which she obsesses over.

Whether it's a new, disturbing character in her renowned Sticky Fingers short stories, or the crazy magical capers of her witches and wizards in her urban fantasy action and adventure series, Lawrence's unique imagination will delight you, and her surprising twists will raise your pulse and keep you turning the pages late into the night.

JT Lawrence and son

After living in Johannesburg, South Africa, for 44 years, Lawrence now lives in Scotland with her husband and three home-made goblins. She traded in her urban farm in Jozi for a small coastal town with safe woodland walks and incredible sea views. Long cold beach strolls with crows for company are perfect for thinking up the new twists and turns in her latest work of fiction.

The glen Woodlands, North BerwickAli (7) in the repurposed phone book / borrowing library North Berwick beach, September 2023

When she's not writing through the night, JT Lawrence can be found walking while listening to audiobooks, lighting fires, reading, gardening, taking photos, doing yoga, drinking gin — although usually not at the same time — and cooking for her children, who eat like Vikings.

North Berwick at sunrise, August 2023Ali(7) loving Scotland, 2023

James (11), Robin (9) and Ali (7) on top of the rocks on North Berwick East beach

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