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JT Lawrence

What Have We Done: A Cyberpunk Action Thriller (audiobook)

What Have We Done: A Cyberpunk Action Thriller (audiobook)

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In tomorrow's world where the edges blur between addictive virtual reality and real life, would you hurt your daughter if it was the only way to set her free?

When gaming junkie Silver doesn’t make it home on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kate and Keke go out to find her. It’s a treacherous journey navigating a city in the midst of a flash civil war.

Shrouded in electrosmog and panic, it's been taken over by vigilante bot-hunters as a violent AI uprising puts everyone Kate loves in danger, especially Mally and his anthrobot girlfriend.

With the Doomsday Prophecy looming large, Kate discovers there are forces at play she’d never guess at, and much more at stake than just her or her children’s lives. What she’ll need to do to keep everyone safe will stretch her beyond every hard limit.

Will Kate play the game?


Cyberpunk meets the robopocalypse on the edge of litRPG in this dark futuristic dystopian thriller. Jack in and get ready for a wild ride with this third book in the riveting series
 When Tomorrow Calls.

Ready? Your new addiction starts now.

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