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JT Lawrence

The Stepford Florist: A smart, sexy, cyberpunk thriller (audiobook)

The Stepford Florist: A smart, sexy, cyberpunk thriller (audiobook)

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She’s thrilled, because it's worked out exactly as she planned.

Jasmine has mastered moonlighting.

She's a steampunk inventor, a cosmetician, and a gene-hacking florist.

And then there’s her real job: exposing evil corps and dodgy clinics.

When Jasmine, the head of Alba—an underground biopunk organisation—is tipped off that something morally dubious is happening at the city’s most luxurious high-tech spa, she takes it upon herself to investigate, and discovers a whole lot more than she bargained for.

(Warning: Contains colorful language and sex.)

This short standalone spin-off novelette is set in the near-future When Tomorrow Calls world, and introduces Jasmine, Seth and Keke, just before we meet Kirsten, the kick-ass main character in Why You Were Taken.


  1. The Sigma Surrogate (prequel novella)
  2. Why You Were Taken (book 1)
  3. How We Found You (book 2)
  4. What Have We Done (book 3)

What will Jasmine discover in the back rooms of the luxury high-tech spa? And, more importantly, will she get out alive? 

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