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Fire Finch Press

Cursebreaker Book 5: The Pick Pocket's Curse (paperback)

Cursebreaker Book 5: The Pick Pocket's Curse (paperback)

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The orcs are marching to war, and Asha's pleas to listen to reason reach a deaf - and corrupted - ear.

She's got problems of her own, though, as a supposedly-dead foe continues to haunt her from the grave - and the results could be deadly for not just her, but everyone she loves.

Meanwhile, the kidnappings have reached a fever point as her ward is scooped up off the street and spirited away to an unknown location. Without hesitation, Asha takes on a suicidal rescue mission that has certain doom written all over it...


With more twists and turns than you can shake a wand at, this is a dark magic mystery with humor, adventure, and a whole lot of heart.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews will burn through this brand new addictive urban fantasy series.

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