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Fire Finch Press

Cursebreaker Book 3: The EverShade Ring (paperback)

Cursebreaker Book 3: The EverShade Ring (paperback)

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Werewolves are on the prowl - or so says the evidence - and it's up to Asha to solve the problem before war spills across the veil.

When the first missing girl turns up dead, DNA evidence points to a brutal werewolf attack, and the people of the Realm begin to turn against werewolves.

As Dusty's parents sue for custody, the young girl demonstrates frightening new magical powers, further complicating an already tense standoff between Directress Copperfield and the neglectful mother and father.

Not everything is as it seems, though, but potential werewolf killers and upset parents are the least of Asha's growing problems as she finds herself trapped in the SubRealm and bears witness to the underbelly of the magical world.


With more twists and turns than you can shake a wand at, this is a dark magic mystery with humor, adventure, and a whole lot of heart.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews will burn through this brand new addictive urban fantasy series.

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