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JT Lawrence

The Indie Author Game Plan (ebook)

The Indie Author Game Plan (ebook)

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Self-publish Your Book, Find Your Readers, and Have Fun Doing It

Welcome to the Indie Author Tribe!

We’re looking forward to guiding you through what we know can be a rather overwhelming experience — but with the right knowledge and chutzpah you’ll see that self-publishing is one of the most thrilling and meaningful journeys a writer can take.

I’m Janita, and I’m going to teach you the lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years in the independent publishing industry.

Hopefully I’ll save you the school fees I’ve paid over the course of my 28+ book career, from starting as a daunted beginner to becoming a full-time author, an Amazon UK Kindle Unlimited All-Star with more than thirty million pages read, a Franschhoek and Kingsmead Literary Festival speaker, and a USA Today Bestseller.

Wow, that might have made you think that I’m super clever and rich but let me assure you I am neither — especially the “rich” part.

*ugly cry*

I’m just like you – a writer who desperately wants to get her work out there.

I’m going to teach you everything I think you need to know to get your book into your readers’ hands, from formatting your ebook, to producing paperbacks, to promo-stacking for extra bang on your launch day.

From the big picture to the nitty-gritties, I’ll be here to hold your hand, help you over hurdles, and cheer you on. With any luck (plus a bit of blood, sweat and tears) you’ll look back at today as a turning point in your life. We might even have some fun along the way.

Climb aboard, strap in, and let’s get going.

You’ve just taken the first step in starting your own successful author business.


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