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JT Lawrence

Sticky Fingers 4: A Dozen Deliciously Twisted Short Stories (audiobook)

Sticky Fingers 4: A Dozen Deliciously Twisted Short Stories (audiobook)

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AUDIOBOOK: Book 4 in the Sticky Fingers collection, narrated by the award-winning actress Roshina Ratnam. Psychological suspense short stories with a twist (and dark humour).



Perfect for fans of Gillian Flynn and Roald Dahl, these stories are guaranteed to get under your skin.

Diverse, dark-humoured, and deliciously bite-sized: JT Lawrence doesn't disappoint with this brand new collection of unsettling short stories, including:


Is the director of this post-apocalyptic orphanage really a wizard? And where is he taking the children?


A man knows he deserves to be haunted for what he has done; he just didn't expect it to happen this way.


A girl has to make a terrible decision in this futuristic dystopian story where the State owns the rights to women's reproductive organs.


A man makes a horrific discovery in the crim colony silo he's imprisoned in.


A mother is drowning, but no one sees her.


In world war two, a courageous young fiancée signed up to the Soviet all-female bombing squadron—The Night Witches—which helped turn the tide against the Nazis.

"Lawrence makes every word count, telling each story with elegance and emotional punch.” — Patsy Hennessey

"Each story is masterfully constructed ... Humorous, touching, creepy, but most of all entertaining, this collection is superb."
 — Tracy Michelle Anderson

If you're a fan of Roald Dahl or Gillian Flynn you'll love this compelling collection with a twist in the tale.


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